Ash's Lapras is a Pokemon Ash caught in the Orange Islands in Kanto.

History Edit

Lapras was first seen when three teenage boys were abusing her by hitting her with sticks. Ash defended her which led to a fight, but Pikachu scared them off in the end. Ash tried to tell Lapras that he wanted to help her, but due to what happened to her, she was scared of humans. Ash soon gained her trust when he rescued her from Team Rocket. After that, she learned to trust humans.

Personality & Characteristics Edit

Due to being abused, she was afraid of humans. But when Ash rescued her when she was captured by Team Rocket, he gained her trust. Lapras has been a very helpful Pokemon to Ash and was used as a ride to guide them around the Orange Islands. Ash released her in Viv Vas Lapras where she was reunited with her mother. She was seen again with her mother in the Johto Journeys where she was happy to see Ash.