Casey's Meganium is Casey's first Pokemon. It debuted in The Double Header. It is male only in the Fanfiction series.

History Edit

200px-Casey Chikorita

As an Chikorita

Casey first received Meganium as a Chikorita from Professor Elm. Like its trainer, it loved baseball and the Electrabuzz baseball team. Team Rocket tricked Casey by pretending they were Electrabuzz fans and attempted to steal her Chikorita and Ash's Pikachu, but they were rescued by their trainers. Later in Getting The Bugs Out, Ash and his friends encountered Casey and her Chikorita again. During a battle with Team Rocket, Chikorita evolved into Bayleef and helped rescue Ash and Pikachu. It appeared again with its trainer as a fully evolved Meganium where It met Ash and his Bayleef. It made some few appearances in Pokemon Chronicles.

200px-Casey Bayleef

As an Bayleef

Appearances in Pokemon XY Series Edit

Casey's Meganium reappeared in Pokemon XY where it was confirmed that he was male because he grew a crush on Ash's Bayleef who is a female, but Bayleef wasn't interested in him, she was only interested in Ash.

EP163 Chikorita y Casey

Casey and Chikorita

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