Emma is one of Gabe's Pokemon she obtained. She is a female Emolga.

History Edit

Emma was first seen dancing and Gabe instantly fell in love with her, but Jessie from Team Rocket also fell in love with her and wanted her as her own. Emma was captured by Jessie, but Gabe saved her and Emma chose her as her trainer. In another episode, Team Rocket tried to capture Pik, Pacha, and Emma, but Gabe managed to save them.

Personality & Characteristics: Edit

Emma is a Emolga who likes to dance and show off. She is very friendly and fun-loving. She loves being with Gabe and had a little bit of trouble warming up to Professor Oak when she was sent to him. She greatly dislikes Team Rocket due to the fact of being captured for their boss or Jessie wanting her for her own purposes.