Species: Human
Gender Female
Age 10
Katrese is a 10-year-old girl who is one of Gabe's childhood friends. She likes to talk about an imaginary person named Jonathee Jonathee Jonathee Jonathee who appears in her dreams. As a younger child, she never wanted to be a Pokemon trainer being scared of Pokemon. She doesn't have any Pokemon due to being scared of them. In Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures, her mother helped her overcome her fear of Pokemon and now Katrese has six Pokemon in her party.

On Hand Edit

This is a list of the Pokemon that are traveling with Katrese.

Fennekin-Braixen-Delphox♂ Edit

Delphox is Katrese's starter Pokemon. He was chosen by Katrese's mother.

Mudkip♀ Edit

Mudkip is Katrese's second Pokemon. She is a female Mudkip.

Poochyena-Mightyena♀ Edit

Mightyena is Katrese's third Pokemon. Katrese caught her as an Poochyena.

Chikorita-Bayleef♀ Edit

Bayleef is Katrese's fourth Pokemon. Katrese caught her as an Bayleef.

Pikachu♀ Edit

Pikachu is Katrese's fifth Pokemon. She is a female Pikachu.

Deerling♀ Edit

Deerling is Katrese's sixth Pokemon. She is a female Deerling.