May's Skitty is the second Pokemon caught by May.

History Edit

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May and Skitty

Skitty was first spotted sleeping in a ditch by May's Torchic. May thought she was cute and wanted to catch her. The next day, she was captured by Team Rocket and Meowth fell in love with her and tried to help her escape. May came to rescue her and had to fight Jessie in order to get Skitty back. In Delcatty Got Your Tongue, she and Johnny, Abby's Delcatty were captured by Team Rocket who were planning on taking them to the boss for a big payment. But May and Abby rescued their Pokemon and sent Team Rocket blasting off. In one episode, Team Rocket captured all of the gangs' Pokemon to take to the boss including Skitty for a payment, but they were rescued by their trainers.

History Edit

Skitty is a very playful and clumsy Pokemon. She loves to chase her tail and play with her trainer.