Platinum Berlitz
Species: Human
Gender Female
Age 10
Platinum is a 10-year-old girl who appeared in Pokemon Adventures: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. She is the daughter and only child of a rich family.

History Edit

Platinum was born and raised by a rich family as an only child. When she turned 10, Professor Rowan asked her, Diamond, and Pearl to complete the Pokedexes for him. She chose a Piplup as her starter Pokemon and set off on her own journey. She caught a Ponyta along the way. Saturn of Team Galactic decided to kidnap her to ransom her to her wealthy parents in order to earn money to complete their evil plans and sent grunts to kidnap her. But she was protected by her friends, Diamond, and Pearl, and her bodyguards, Paka and Uji from the grunts. She continued her journey not knowing that bad guys badly wanted to kidnap her. She beat many gym leaders and won many contests. She helped Diamond and Pearl defeat Team Galactic once and for all.

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit

This is a list of the Pokemon that are traveling with Platinum.

Ponyta-Rapidash♂ Edit

Rapidash was given to Platinum as a Ponyta by her parents. She took him with her on her journey. He is a male Rapidash

Piplup-Prinplup-Empoleon♀ Edit

Empoleon is Platinum's starter Pokemon. She is a female Empoleon.

Lopunny♀ Edit

Lopunny was caught by Platinum while she was on her way to Lake Acuity. She is a female Lopunny.

Frolass♀ Edit

Frolass was given to Platinum by Candice.

Cherrim♀ Edit

Cherrim was given to Platinum by Gardenia. She is a female Cherrim.

Pachirisu♀ Edit

Pachirisu was given to Platinum by Maylene who received her from Volkner. She is a female Pachirisu.

Personality Edit

Since she is a from a rich family, Platinum is a loving, caring, and kind girl. She cares about everybody. She feels betrayed whenever someone lies to her. Overall, everyone who helps her is trustworthy to her. She doesn't trust Team Galactic though.