Sakura's Eevee is one of the Pokemon Sakura caught and her first. He is first seen by Misty, Ash, and Brock and when Sakura calls him, he runs to his trainer and jumps into her arms. Sakura introduces herself and then takes Brock, Ash, and Misty to her sisters' traditional tea ceremony where they discovered that Team Rocket was there trying to eat all of the food and Sakura and her sisters call out their Pokemon and Team Rocket's James discovers that the sisters have the complete set of the Eevee evolution so far and decides to steal them. But Ash and the others managed to blast the trio off. But when Team Rocket comes back, Sakura sends out her Eevee who tries to fight Arbok, but he is defeated and thrown into a cage. James told Sakura that stealing Eevee is easy and Sakura resolves to get him back. Sakura's sister, Tamao helps her get Eevee back with the help of Ash's Chikorita and they blast off Team Rocket. Eevee reappears as an fully evolved Espeon. When Team Rocket kidnaps Sakura's sisters' Pokemon, Jessie is enraged that they are missing Espeon and is determined to capture him. Sakura uses her Espeon as bait knowing Team Rocket wanted him. But Espeon managed to escape Team Rocket with Sakura's help leading her and her sisters to their missing Pokemon and Team Rocket is determined to get Espeon back, but Espeon and Misty's Corsola blast off Team Rocket and Espeon helps free the other Eevee Evolutions. Sakura's Espeon reappears one time as he helps Misty, Sakura, and the group make their own gym badges.

195px-Sakura Eevee

As an Eevee