Y third hairstyle Adventures
Species: Human
Gender Female
Age 10
Y is a 10-year-old girl who appears in Pokemon Adventures: XY. She is the daughter and only child of Grace, a Rhyhorn racer.

History Edit

Y is one of the childhood friends that X has. She grew up with X and his other friends.

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit

This is a list of the Pokemon that are traveling with Y.

Fletchy♀ Edit

Fletchy is Y's first Pokemon. She is first seen as a Fletchling. She later evolves into a Fletchinder during a battle with mind controlled Sky Trainers.

SaiSai Edit

SaiSai is Y's second Pokemon. It is a Rhyhorn.

Croaky♂ Edit

Croaky is Y's starter Pokemon. He was first seen as a Froakie and then evolved into Frogadier saving Y from danger.

VeeVee♀ Edit

VeeVee is Y's fourth Pokemon. She was first caught as a Eevee and then during a battle with Team Flare, she evolved into a Sylveon to protect Y.

XerXer Edit

XerXer is Y's fifth Pokemon. It is a Xerenas, a legendary Pokemon.

SolSol Edit

SolSol is Y's sixth Pokemon. It is a Absol.

Personality Edit

Y is a friendly, caring, loving, and kind girl. She cares about everybody.